Vendoring & Versioning with Go

4 November 2016

Chris Roche

Software Engineer, Lyft

Go's Vendoring History

In the beginning, there was the mono-repo

Go 1.0 - 1.4 : WYSIWYG

Path to ./vendor

Go 1.5 (Aug 2015)
- Enabled use of the ./vendor directory
- Disabled by default

Go 1.6 (Feb 2016)
- Enabled by default

Go 1.7 (Aug 2017)
- Cannot disable

How does it work?

First: ./vendor
- From: ""
- To: ""
- Never import vendor (compilation will fail or behave strangely)
- Commit or not to commit? (up to preference)

Second: $GOPATH/src
- This is how subpackages of a project are loaded
- Useful for testing/debugging libraries in dependent's context

Finally: $GOROOT/src
- Standard Library exclusively
- Never ever ever touch/add to these

Sidebar: Versioning Go with Gimme

brew install gimme # other ways (it's just a shell script)
gimme 1.7.3
go version
go version go1.7.3 darwin/amd64

Configure in your bash/zsh profile:

source $HOME/.gimme/envs/latest.env

Configure in IntelliJ (per project):

Vendoring/Versioning Tools



Ecosystem: $HOME/.glide

Ecosystem: ./glide.yaml


- package:
  version: unstable-branch
- package:
  version: ^1.2.3

- package:
  - assert

Ecosystem: ./glide.lock

hash: d8dc02f36d3bd58163dfc37dfd022a8539e31258d8f2c2ad417ef8f3d6d76d2a
updated: 2016-10-06T17:33:31.683461401-04:00
- name:
  version: 74a703abb31ea9faf7622930e5daba1559b01b37

glide init: Starting a New Project

glide init
[INFO]  Generating a YAML configuration file and guessing the dependencies
[INFO]  Attempting to import from other package managers (use --skip-import to skip)
[INFO]  Scanning code to look for dependencies
[INFO]  --> Found reference to
[INFO]  --> Found reference to
[INFO]  Writing configuration file (glide.yaml)

glide update: Update All Deps and Lock

glide update
[INFO]  Downloading dependencies. Please wait...
[INFO]  --> Fetching updates for
[INFO]  --> Fetching
[INFO]  Resolving imports
[INFO]  --> Fetching
[INFO]  Downloading dependencies. Please wait...
[INFO]  Setting references for remaining imports
[INFO]  Exporting resolved dependencies...
[INFO]  --> Exporting
[INFO]  --> Exporting
[INFO]  --> Exporting
[INFO]  Replacing existing vendor dependencies
[INFO]  Project relies on 3 dependencies.

glide install: Dependencies from Lock

glide install
[INFO]  Downloading dependencies. Please wait...
[INFO]  --> Found desired version locally 77ed1c8a01217656d2080ad51981f6e99adaa177!
[INFO]  --> Found desired version locally d15fa2e2a63dd52104bc96d8ea7dc47ce8027de8!
[INFO]  --> Found desired version locally 9fa8f10901c17b49ed52a824cf9226006580a06d!
[INFO]  Setting references.
[INFO]  --> Setting version for to 77ed1c8a01217656d2080ad51981f6e99adaa177.
[INFO]  --> Setting version for to d15fa2e2a63dd52104bc96d8ea7dc47ce8027de8.
[INFO]  --> Setting version for to 9fa8f10901c17b49ed52a824cf9226006580a06d.
[INFO]  Exporting resolved dependencies...
[INFO]  --> Exporting
[INFO]  --> Exporting
[INFO]  --> Exporting
[INFO]  Replacing existing vendor dependencies

glide get: Add a dependency

glide get


Using `master` does what you expect

Updates are predictable


[WARN] Lock file may be out of date. Hash check of YAML failed. You may need to run 'update'



glide update

[WARN] Version not set for package



That package should not be installing

Failed to update/download/"set version" on

When in doubt?

Working with Local Dependencies


Glide Docs

Package Management Official Proposal

Thank you

Chris Roche

Software Engineer, Lyft

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